Aric Johnson

Front End Web Developer

"Talk is cheap. Show me the code."
-Linus Torvalds

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A little about me.

I am a front end developer with a knack for learning. I enjoy trying out new technologies, plugins, and learning new languages and have become quite adept at reading documentation and implementing features. Right now, this is what I'm using:
* Sass and the Bourbon libraries.
* jQuery, AngularJS, and possibly looking at Ember in the near future.
* Gulp
* Ruby on Rails in my spare time.

I firmly believe that knowing how to code is a privilege, and I look forward to using my knowledge to better the way we, as people, do things. I am very inspired by socialcoding4good and developersforgood. The founder of code montage made a speech about how software developers have superpowers, and we need to use them to make life better for everyone. As I develop my skills, I am looking towards the goal of using them for something bigger than me.

When I'm not coding, I spend time with my awesome family. I look forward to teaching my son to fish, and play the drums with me in the Scottish Pipe Band I am a member of. I have been a cook for some years, and enjoy cooking with my wife. When we can, we use ingredients grown in my garden, and always cook from scratch. Coding is awesome, but nothing compares to a cookout with the family.

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